Multi Dynamic Aggregate Filter

This filter is very similar to the Dynamic Aggregate filter. It also aggregates data from a specific value of the field within a nested object of a document and groups this data by the values provided in a separate field. However, with this filter more than one request value can be provided for every group of aggregated values. This is essentially the only difference between the two aggregate filters, therefore, the usage of them is identical.


Setting name Meaning
request_field Request field used to view the selected page. (e.g.
name_field Specifies the field in the repository that the results will be grouped by
field Specifies the field in repository to apply this filter on.
sort Sorts the choices based on your configuration.
tags Array of filter specific tags that will be accessible at Twig view data.

Important note! Here name_field and field values should both point to the fields in the nested object of the document, however the field must specify both the path and the field properties separated by the > sign (e.g. field = 'attributes>attributes.value').

Configuration Example:

# app/config/config.yml
                - attributes
            repository: 'es.manager.default.product'
                request_field: 'attributes'
                field: attributes>attributes.value