Event Listener

Creating an Event Listener

You can attach event listeners to any of the events dispatched during the ONGRFilterManager search. The name of each of the events is defined as a constant on the ONGRFilterManagerEvents class. Each event has their own event object:

Name Constant Argument passed to the listener
ongr_filter_manager.pre_search PRE_SEARCH PreSearchEvent
ongr_filter_manager.search_response SEARCH_RESPONSE SearchResponseEvent
ongr_filter_manager.pre_process_search PRE_PROCESS_SEARCH PreProcessSearchEvent

The Listener Class

For example, SearchResponseEvent listener might look like this:


namespace AppBundle\EventListener;

use ONGR\FilterManagerBundle\Event\SearchResponseEvent;
// ...
class SearchResponseListener
    // ...
    public function onSearchResponse(SearchResponseEvent $event)
        $results = $event->getDocumentIterator();
        // Do your magic
    // ...

Listener Configuration

To register an event listener you just have to tag it with the appropriate name. For example, SearchResponseEventListener configuration might look like this:

    # ...
        class: AppBundle\EventListener\SearchResponseEventListener
            - { name: kernel.event_listener, event: ongr_filter_manager.search_response, method: onSearchResponse }