Custom controller

Sometimes might be that default functionality is not enough. So for this reason you can create/extend current controller or create your own one.

There are two types of controllers:

ONGRApiBundle comes with default controllers which allows you to use API functionality right after bundle install.

How to

Your new custom controller must implement same interfaces and extend same parents like default ones.

Let's create a new custom REST controller and call it AppRestController :

// src/YourBundle/Controller/AcmeRestController.php

namespace AppBundle\Controller;

use ONGR\ApiBundle\Controller\AbstractRestController;
use ONGR\ApiBundle\Controller\RestControllerInterface;
use ONGR\ApiBundle\Request\RestRequest;

class AppRestController extends AbstractRestController implements RestControllerInterface
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getAction(RestRequest $restRequest)
        $data = $restRequest->getData();

        // Custom logic ...

        return $this->renderRest($data);


Add a route to the routing.yml.

It's a simple route like all other in your app. How to add routing read the official Symfony docs.